Places to Savor the Best Cocktails in Downtown Boston

Posted April 2, 2014 by Luke Olsen in Downtown Boston

It’s always a great time when you’re out having a beer or two and relaxing in the company of good people. Other times, you may be in the mood for something a bit more dressed up — more sophisticated, inventive, fun! This is the time for cocktails. Practically every watering hole in our fair city serves cocktails, but there are some establishments that turn mixology into even more of an art form. Here are a few places to get some of the best cocktails in downtown Boston:

Shake it Up!

Teatro is a fabulous place to grab dinner before or after a movie. However, this restaurant also shakes up some imaginative, delicious cocktails. Teatro’s sizable menu has plenty of variety, so cocktail hounds can sample several completely different flavor profiles in the span of one visit.

Since Teatro is an Italian restaurant, it only makes sense that its Mojito Italiano—made with rum, limoncello, prosecco, and lime—is incredibly good. And the Teatro Magnolia—made with bourbon, orange bitters, brown sugar, and soda water—will certainly hit the spot if you’re in need of a sweet cocktail.

Marliave is a purveyor of fine cocktails. Photo courtesy of Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

Keep it Classy

If you are looking for classic, no-frills cocktails, look no further than the bar at Marliave. Here, you can enjoy some amazing concoctions that will leave you craving more. Marliave simply isn’t trying to fix something that isn’t broken. The Gent, which is a mixture of rye, lemon, and bitters, is simple and fantastic.

The atmosphere at Marliave coupled with a smooth, old-fashioned cocktail, is a great break from everyday reality, and delicious to boot.

Modern Mixology

While there is a sizable community looking for classic simplicity, there are others who crave the newest and most creative cocktails around. Serving some of the best cocktails in downtown Boston, the Highball Lounge has you covered if you’re in the mood to walk on the cocktail wild side. Located upstairs at the Nine Zero Hotel, Highball serves cocktails that are slightly off-kilter, which makes them oh-so-unique. The Tea-Ball, with vodka and Earl Grey soda, is not only refreshing, but hard to find at other establishments.

Highball only serves drinks and snacks—no muss, no fuss—so their primary focus is on the quality of the drinks. While the bartenders are mixing some stupendous spirits, there’s a laid-back vibe (and a surplus of board games) that makes Highball feel like a comfy, cozy, kitschy place to be.

Award Winning

Eater Boston named jm Curley mixologist Kevin Mabry Bartender of the Year for 2013, and the reasons why are apparent on any selection from the cocktail menu at the popular restaurant. From the classic Manhattan (made special with the use of Curley’s Four Roses Single Barrel bourbon) to the sublime Vicio (aged rum, curacao, sherry and grenadine), the proportions are perfect and the combinations are innovative and unexpected.

Bottoms up, Boston.


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