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Irish Famine Memorial

St. Patrick’s Day in Boston: Some Heritage with Your Hops

Outside of Ireland, there’s no St. Patrick’s Day like a St. Patrick’s Day in Boston. There are wardrobe requirements (go green or go home!), plenty of clinking glasses, and a shared sense of cultural identity....


Eric Bart

I Am Downtown Boston: Eric Bart – Senior Director, R & D, VMware

When we say VMware is a leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, we aren’t playing. For context: Every single company on the Fortune 100 list uses their solutions. With more than 75,000 partners and upward ...


White Bull Tavern

The White Bull Tavern Charges into Historic Blackstone Block

Taking over the former Purple Shamrock space, White Bull Tavern opened just a few weeks ago in historic Blackstone Block. History lesson time – Rev. William Blackstone was the first European settler in Boston. It’s ...