Hair Supplies Trephin

Downtown’s Hottest Salon Has Everyone Buzzing

Trephin’s focus on being a neighborhood salon may have let them fly under the radar when they first opened, but that has quickly changed. The Temple Place-located Trephin has received many stylist and salon-level awards a...


Burnham Building Retail

Roche Brothers Bringing More Than Groceries to Downtown Crossing

The Downtown Crossing area of Boston is currently booming, an upscale neighborhood with a myriad of luxury housing options that have recently cropped up in the area. One of the newest of the arrivals in the neighborhood, Millen...


A lucky four-leaf clover

Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in Downtown Boston a Different Way

Traditionally, Bostonians celebrate St. Patrick's Day by going to the parade in South Boston and drinking copious amounts of whiskey and Guinness in pubs.


Mardi Gras beads

Mardi Gras in Boston: Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler!

Though we tend to come up short with marching bands and plastic beads, local restaurants and organizations will help you celebrate Mardi Gras in Boston.


Millennium Place Open

Millennium Place Opens Its Doors

The much-anticipated Millennium Place opening tour, directed by Richard Baumert of Millennium Partners, gave us a taste of the caliber of living residents will experience. At the end of the Avery Corridor, Millennium brings the...


Millennium Place

‘Urban Mechanic’ Menino Repairs Skyline

With his name etched and bronzed onto so many landmarks, Mayor Menino has cemented his eternal reputation as a savior of the downtown landscape. Despite...


Abdul-Karim SCLA

La Vie®: Expert Series Launches with an NFL Running Back

It's not often you get to hit the gym with a record-setting NFL player. And frankly, it could be an intimidating prospect. Do you really want to share a...


9tailors Button Up

Classic Style: A Downtown Guide to Upgrading Men’s Fashions

It sounds sort of contradictory, but the key to classic style is: customization. I've often heard women complain, in the angry, confused throes of...


Ames Hotel

Sexy Staycation: A Romantic Urban Escape

Craving an urban escape with a special someone? Tickets to Paris are a little expensive this time of year. (Meaning, any.) So create some special...


Myrtle the Sea Turtle

Sea-ing More Clearly: A Look at the New England Aquarium’s Revamped Tank Attraction

Moving, as any urbanite knows, is a painful process. And a moving process that takes months ? We shudder at the thought. But somehow, we don't think...