Legal Crossing: Not Just Another Legal Sea Foods Location

Posted June 18, 2014 by Kayla Baker in Eat & Drink

Bostonians are no strangers to the Legal Sea Foods restaurant chain, but Downtown Boston is taking this seafood favorite up a notch with Legal Crossing. LX opened in mid-March at Millennium Place, in the heart of Downtown Crossing. This location asserts itself as the more modern, urban cousin to the other Legal Sea Foods locations. The space is intentionally dark; the walls, ceiling, and carpet are rendered black and the upholstery is made of black leather. However, every table is extremely well lit. There’s no peering at the menu with strained eyes or squinting to see the person across the table. In fact, the decor lends itself to a rather intimate dining experience. Any distraction by the restaurant’s aesthetics or by the other tables around you is removed, allowing you to focus on your food and the people with whom you are dining.

I started the evening with one of LX’s specialty cocktails. I opted for the Blackball, a black cherry whisky drink that comes with a large ball of ice in the center. Our fantastic waiter explained that the ice ball melts slowly to preserve the integrity of the drink. The menu did not list which whisky brand was used in the cocktail, but it was easy to tell that it was one of the high quality selections, and the black cherry added a nice bit of sweetness without being too sugary.

While at LX I had to have a tried-and-true favorite: the clam chowder. To my surprise, I didn’t receive the clam chowder I expected from Legal Sea Foods; this version was better. There were hearty chunks of potato and clam in the rich and smooth base, and it paired well with the hot fresh bread the table received. While a cup of chowder is usually not very filling, the cup from LX could easily make for a perfect light lunch. However, I was there for dinner and was just getting started.

Legal Crossing (LX)

This location asserts itself as the more modern, urban cousin to the other Legal Sea Foods locations. Photo Credit: Jimmy Prudente

It was difficult to decide on a dinner course, as LX has so many interesting and varied choices. I ultimately decided on the hoisin glazed salmon, which includes pad thai noodles, seared vegetables, and crushed peanuts. This dish is a nod to neighboring Chinatown, and as such, had all the flavors I would expect; the hoisin sauce gave the salmon a slight tang and it paired perfectly with the delectable lemon zest in which the noodles and vegetables were cooked. The salmon was a thick filet with a mild flavor and was well complimented by the Asian flavors of the dish. My dinner was so good that, I’m ashamed to say, I was too busy savoring it to converse much with my dining companion.

When the waiter returned to the table asking if I wanted to see a dessert menu I had to ponder a moment, as I was so full from my impressively portioned dinner. However, once I saw the adult profiteroles, I was glad that I’d said yes. This dessert, which consists of small puffed pastries with bourbon ice cream filling and chocolate drizzle, packed quite a punch. I felt as though I’d had a second cocktail! It was the perfect ending to a wonderful meal.

I left Legal Crossing very full and thoroughly impressed. I’d suffice it to say that LX has achieved its goal in setting itself apart from the other Legal Sea Foods locations thanks to their creative menu, fantastic food, and unique urban atmosphere. Dining at LX is a must for anyone looking for an intimate evening out in Downtown Boston.

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