From the Ring to the Restaurant: Tips for Proposing in Downtown Boston

Posted February 12, 2014 by Heather Kapplow in Downtown Boston

It’s the hardest question you’ll ever ask or be asked—and one of the most fantastic ones. If you’ve met the love of your life in the Boston area, or if you have grown stronger as a couple here, you should consider proposing in downtown Boston. Use the city as the backdrop for your perfect proposal, and it will stay forever intertwined with your story no matter where your life together takes you next.

First, You’ll Need a Stunning Ring

Half of popping the question is pulling something magical out of thin air that reflects the light of the world around you both in a new way. The moment you ask, everything that was always there should suddenly sparkle with the potential that comes with committing to one another.

There are many talented and experienced jewelers in downtown Boston. Two that win accolades time and time again are E.B. Horn and Barmakian, both of which are located on Washington Street near Downtown Crossing. Each has been in its current location for over 100 years, so you can be sure that you’ll be capturing the history of this city no matter what they create for you. Barmakian won the Best of Boston award in 2013, so you know it can make contemporary creations as well as traditional ones. If you’re looking for something vintage, E.B. Horn specializes in buying and selling estate jewelry—though it is well known for its designer pieces as well.

Places for Proposing in Downtown Boston

The iconic Omni Parker House. Photo compliments the Omni Parker House.

Once you have the ring, it’s time to find the words—and the perfect place to say them. This, of course, all depends on who you are, but here are a few creative ideas to inspire you to find your own perfect spot.

Did you meet or do you regularly take long walks on the Boston Common? If so, why not propose in one of the many beautiful spots here? It is a particularly beautiful place in spring and summer, but who could say “no” at night during the winter, with the holiday lights and crisp, bright stars twinkling above?

The frog pond is another Boston Common option. The pond is an ideal winter weather place to spend some time. Whether you’re graceful or clumsy, no one will ever forget a proposal made on ice skates.

Want to make a fairy-tale, sometimes-dreams-do-come-true kind of proposal? Do it in the Camelot fashion at the Omni Parker Hotel. This is where Jackie said “yes” to John F. Kennedy, so it can’t really be topped in terms of pure style. Pop your question in the luxurious lobby, the romantic restaurant, a gilded elevator—or get a room!

Did you and your sweetie bond over baseball? A sports bar is a quintessentially Bostonian place to pitch tying the knot. Let him know that you’ll always be rooting for the same team he is by proposing over a pitcher of beer and pile of wings at Sidebar.

Massachusetts is an especially romantic place for same-sex couples. If you want to forever connect your enduring love with civil rights history, why not propose on the steps of the Statehouse, where the first gay marriage laws in the country were passed? The legislators who fought on your behalf were brave, so you can draw on their courage when it comes time to say what’s in your heart.

You’ve Popped the Question, Now Pop a Cork!

Champagne at Troquet. Photo Credit: Jan Mark Holzer

So, you asked, and you got an “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, of course!”, arms thrown around you and squeals, the widest eyes gazing back at you that you’ve ever seen, or just a whispered “yes.”

When your heart stops pounding and your happiness has been confirmed as mutual, you’ll be in a romantic bubble that you don’t want to break by telling anyone else yet. This is the time for a toast. Celebrate the huge step that you just took with a flute full of champagne at one of these fabulously romantic Boston bars.

Try Troquet’s acclaimed wine list and priceless view of Boston Common. Another wonderful place for a romantic post-proposal toast in the summer is the Rooftoop at Revere. You can toast your love and the city and even practice the life of luxury on your honeymoon at this outdoor, poolside, skyline retreat in the middle of the Theater District.

Keep this beautiful city in view wherever you raise your first glasses as an engaged couple, so that when you start your future together, you can remember where it all began.


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