The Craft Beer Craze Hits Downtown Boston

Posted August 25, 2014 by Kayla Baker in Eat & Drink

Relaxing with an ice cold beer is practically an American tradition, and as the home to breweries such as Sam Adams and Harpoon, Bostonians are fond of their beers. The bars of Downtown Boston recognize this fondness and, keeping up with the latest beer trends, have responded by offering an array of craft beers for the neighborhood’s residents. Almost all of the neighborhood’s bars are catering to craft beer fans, but a notable few stand out for varying reasons, from their vast selection, numerous draft options, or commitment to supporting local breweries.

Some people prefer to buy local, and fans of local craft beers can rejoice; the Silvertone Bar and Grill has a selection of five craft beers on tap, all of which come from Massachusetts breweries. Silvertone, located at 69 Bromfield Street, boasts a carefully curated mix of stouts, IPAs, and pilsners, including favorites such as Harpoon Boston Irish stout, Pretty Things Meadowlark IPA, and Mayflower Summer Rye. The restaurant also has a selection of craft beers in bottles and cans, including local ciders from Down East and Wunderkind. Downtown residents who enjoy beer from close to home will find plenty to love at Silvertone.

Downtown residents who enjoy upscale bars and interesting cocktails are probably no strangers to Scholars, but this popular after work spot has much more than just inventive mixed drinks. Located at 25 School Street, Scholars has 16 different beers on draft and even more options in bottles. Their beer list includes balanced offerings of IPAs, ales, and stouts from across America and Europe. There are fan favorites such as Magic Hat No 9, adventurous options like Seadog Blueberry, and more exclusive offerings like Left Hand Milk Stout. Scholars also has a rotating Harpoon seasonal beer on tap, which invites residents to come back each season and try the newest brew.

For beer drinkers who prefer an even larger selection, jmCurley at 21 Temple Place offers a huge collection of craft beers, with six on tap and over 60 bottles. The beer menu is divided by beer type; there are hoppy beers, yeasty beers, browns, porters and stouts, fruity beers, sipping beers (a variety of lagers, ales, and pilsners), as well as the “chef’s private stock”. The impressive selection at jmCurley leans heavily on American craft beers, though beers from Belgium, Germany, and England also make an appearance. No matter what end of the color spectrum your beer preference falls on, jmCurley has something you’ll enjoy.

Stoddard’s restaurant in Downtown Boston. Photo courtesy of Stoddard’s.

Right across the street, at 48 Temple Place, Stoddard’s offers the largest selection of craft beers you will find downtown. With 21 beers on tap and over 80 bottles, beer lovers will find a haven at this old-Boston styled bar. Along with the typical ales, lagers, and IPAs, Stoddard’s draft selection also features ambers, witbiers, and sour red ales that are less often found in Downtown Boston bars. They also have specific menus for American and European craft beers, depending on where your loyalties lie. Whether you’re looking for a tried-and-true favorite or want to strike out and try something new, over 100 craft beer options await behind Stoddard’s bar.

As microbreweries continue to pop up across the country and the demand for craft beer rises, Downtown Boston’s bars are ensuring they have something to satisfy every beer lover. Next time you’re in the mood for a cold brew, stop into any of the neighborhood’s bars to grab a pint with dinner or enjoy a few with friends; there’s no shortage of options.


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