I Am Downtown Boston: Gordon Burnes, CMO Of Bullhorn Inc.

Posted June 20, 2016 by Cheryl Fenton in I am Downtown Boston: Neighbor Profiles

When your customers are loving/hating you, it would be nice to communicate the good, bad and ugly loud and clear. This way, you can maintain a healthy relationship.

But you don’t always have a bullhorn.

Headquartered in Boston, with global offices, Bullhorn Inc. gives them that sound-off source. Employing over 600 people globally, their customer relationship management software helps businesses understand (and respond to) client relationships through automated data capture and customer insight technology.

Their worldwide headquarters recently turned in its old space, a brick-and-beam office on Farnsworth Street in the Innovation District, for a sleek new 77,000-square-feet spot at 100 Summer Street, an increase in 33,000 square feet over the old space.

We met up with Gordon Burnes, chief marketing officer in charge of Bullhorn’s marketing and business development. Here’s his take on their new home, their “open concept” office and even their catchy handle for DTX.

TheVoiceofDowntownBoston: What prompted Bullhorn’s HQ move?

Gordon Burnes: The move was driven by our explosive growth over the last three years – we almost tripled in size. Bullhorn had outgrown not just the size of the space, but its aesthetic as well. We were seeking a modern-looking, glass-and-steel building to represent us visually. That meant we needed to cross the channel.

VoD: And you’ve certainly embraced your new DTX home, even nicknaming the neighborhood.

GB: We refer to it as Innovation Crossing, between Downtown Crossing and Innovation District.

VoD: Bullhorn works in the world of customer relationship management software. What the heck does that mean?

GB: Bullhorn provides cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for relationship-driven businesses. With more than 6,000 companies relying on our platform, our automated data capture and customer insight technology help win customers and keep them engaged. CRM software is designed to help increase sales, improve service delivery, and streamline operations, giving customers the power to turn relationships into revenue.

VoD: What about DTX was a perfect fit?

GB: Innovation Crossing had everything we wanted — a bustling commuter haven with easy access to public transportation and highways, beautiful Class A inventory, and unlimited dining and entertainment options. There’s already a technology presence in the area, like Rapid7, Acquia and the hardware incubator Bolt. The area overall has a lot of space to rent, and a lot of room for growth.

VoD: Tell me about your invigorating new open concept space.

GB: People who know the city refer to the building as the lollipop building for the orange sculpture that sat out in front for 25 years. We’ve embraced the idea of “open concept.” The space has two floors connected by an open stairwell, and an open floor plan that was designed to foster innovation, collaboration and easy communication. Our new headquarters boasts our signature “Jam Room,” a fitness center, and plenty of tables, couches, chairs, and common areas for employees to engage with each other. Our HQ vision was simple – we wanted to reflect our revolutionary approach to customer relationship management — focused on openness and radical transparency in communication.

VoD: How has Bullhorn been received into the DTX community?

GB: Not only are we excited about joining the community, but the City of Boston is ecstatic too. The city is building a sculpture in the courtyard of Summer and High Streets with our branding on it. Boston’s support indicates its desire for more technology businesses in the area. We’re also connected with the greater technology community and continuously give back to it. We recently hosted a startup showcase with Mass Innovation Nights to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit and talent that lives within Boston.