I Am Downtown Boston: Alena Karabina, Owner Studio52 Yoga

Posted February 16, 2017 by Cheryl Fenton in Business

There’s so much going on in Downtown Crossing. It has a day time work crowd hustle bustle and a night-time play hard crowd. Alena Karabina wants the area to find some balance. So she opened her boutique Studio52 in October 2016. As the area’s only yoga studio, everything about this 1,200-square-foot space lends itself to a cozy vibe, from floor-to-ceiling windows and natural light to exposed brick and candle-lit classes. There are five teachers who rev up and calm down with unique classes, including the sell-out Yoga to Hip Hop class, Weekend Glow Vinyasa (the asanas increase blood flow, so you’ll literally leave glowing), Pilates Yoga Fusion, and Lunch Break 45, a challenging workout minus the sweat. Here’s what Karabina has to say about Studio52 and how it’s here to nama-stay.

TheVoiceofDowntownBoston.com: How were you received by locals?

Alena Karabina: My fellow local businesses have welcomed me with open arms. The business owners on Province Street have become like family. It’s like our own little crew. The yoga studio has been great for the area, and we all help each other with cross promotion whenever possible. We get a lot of students from the 45 Province street building, as well as the Kensington, and Millennium Place. Many of my students also live nearby in Beacon Hill.

Studio52 is located at 52 Province Street. Photo courtesy of Alena Karabina

VOD: What makes Studio52 special?

AK: My goal is to create an oasis. I want my students to feel like they have just arrived at a spa, not a gym. I love to burn sage and different exotic incense that I have to bend over backwards (no pun intended) to find. I’m also known for my music. I build playlists to match the sequencing of my classes. My students love to follow me on Spotify! For me, it’s less about the physical asana of the yoga practice when you come to my class. I love to motivate my students and help them to discover how to find peace in an uncomfortable pose, while allowing the strength build and letting go of the fear. This ultimately creates ease and that “feel good” yoga high. For me, yoga is the door to becoming the best version of yourself. You get it all, the yoga body, therapy, mindfulness, better sleep, oxygenated blood, I could go on forever.

VOD: Why did you choose the DTX location?

AK: I lived in The Kensington when it first opened, and I realized there wasn’t a yoga studio that was within walking distance.

VOD: What are favorite DTX places for aprés-class meals?

AK: Cocobeets is my go to smoothie/juice place. It’s 100 percent organic, and the owner has been a great mentor to me. For a real meal, the Shawarma Falafel is hands-down my favorite lunch spot in the area. For dinner after a late class, I head to MAST’ for some vino and meatballs.

VOD: How do you feel your  studio adds to the area’s revitalization?

AK: A good yoga studio brings positive energy to any neighborhood! The incredible growth and bustle we’ve witnessed in DTX over the past few years has been great for Boston as a whole, and I’ve made it my personal mission to create an oasis amongst all the action. A yoga mat is a great accessory, it feels good to know you’re living amongst people who are taking care of themselves, inside and out. DTX is more than just retail and corporate space – it’s a real neighborhood and one that we at Studio52 are proud to call home.