The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time

Posted February 27, 2017 by Rosalind Saul in Theater & Arts

This spring, Broadway Across America brings yet another hit straight from the Great White Way to us here at Fenway (…well…. the Boston Opera House). The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time took home five Tony awards in 2015, and is sure to be as much of a sensation here in Beantown. The show is a new drama written by Simon Stephens (adapted from the best-selling novel by Mark Haddon) and directed by two-time Tony winner for best director Marianne Elliot.

The Curious Incident… tells the story of fifteen-year-old Christopher Boon, a brilliant teenager with a knack for mathematics. Christopher’s unique mind is also his greatest obstacle: he has a condition described throughout the play vaguely and variously as Asperger’s Syndrome or autism. Christopher’s condition makes it difficult for him to engage with society in what his neighbors might see as “normal” social behaviors. He lives with his father, Ed, and the two are on their own since Christopher’s mother Judy died prior to the events of the play. Christopher’s life is sent into a tailspin when he is accused of murdering his neighbor’s dog Wellington, an incident which spurs Christopher towards a Holmsian search for the true murderer. This search sets Christopher on a journey that changes his life and his understanding of the world around him.

In the touring cast, the part of Christopher Boone will be shared between two actors. Adam Langdon has been seen on “The Path,” “The Good Life,” and the web series “Moe and Jerryweather.” Langdon is a recent graduate of Julliard’s drama school. Benjamin Wheelwright played the part of Christopher in the Broadway cast, and returns to the role for several performances during the touring production. Gene Gillette as Ed Boone has a face that might be familiar. Gillette has also performed on “The Good Wife” as well as “Law and Order: SVU.” Felicity Jones Latta joins the cast in a role that is probably best described as a major “spoiler.” Broadway aficionados might recognize Latta as she performed in Broadway’s Metamorphoses in addition to her laundry list of regional and television credits. Broadway veteran Maria Elena Ramirez plays Christopher’s counselor Siobhan, having previously been seen in Fish in the Dark and Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. The last, but certainly not least, of the headliners is Amelia White performing as Christopher’s neighbor, Mrs. Alexander. White has been seen on Broadway in Crazy for You and The Heiress as well as regionally in countless roles performed around the country.

Performances will be held at the Boston Opera House, 539 Washington Street Boston, MA. The sweeping grandeur of the BOH is classic Boston, perhaps best summed up by the Boston Globe after attending its opening on October 30, 1928. The Globe reported the theatre to be “so magnificent that it kind of takes your breath away for awhile.” Since its 2004 restoration, the Opera House has played host to many Boston theatrical traditions including Broadway Across America and the Boston Ballet. The BOH is a cornerstone of the performing arts here in Boston, and a grand experience unto itself well worth seeing for any Bostonian.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time will be performed March 7 – 19, every evening except for Mondays. The show runs two hours and 40 minutes long, and has one intermission.Tickets are available from Broadway in Boston’s box office.

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