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I Am Downtown Boston: Melodye Mueller, VP Marketing And Strategic Alliances, CloudHealth Technologies

VP of Marketing and Strategic Alliances Melodye Mueller. Photo courtesy of CloudHealth

You might say CloudHealth Technologies is on Cloud Nine. With new remote global offices in Sydney, Tel Aviv, Singapore, and Amsterdam, $46 million in Series D funding, and a more than doubled customer base, it was time for this IT service cloud management company to rethink its location. This growth meant leaving its original Fort Point home and heading for the Financial District, nearly tripling their offices with two floors of 80,000 square feet at 100 Summer Street.

With the move taking place in mid-2018 and 360-degree views of Boston in its future, we sat down with VP of Marketing and Strategic Alliances Melodye Mueller to take a high level look at CloudHealth. Tell us about the choice to settle in that section of downtown.

Melodye Mueller: This move was largely driven by our massive growth over the past 12 months. It came down to location and the need to support our 2018 Boston headcount goal of more than 350 employees. So we looked to the downtown side of the channel for space that was large enough to accommodate our needs but was still close to Fort Point roots.

VOD: What does the area have that your company is excited about?

MM: We love the proximity the area has to almost everything you need — easy access to public transportation like South Station, nice restaurants, great gyms and entertainment. As companies in Fort Point have become successful they have begun expanding into the downtown area – it’s becoming the new hot innovation center. We want to be part of the excitement and where the action is. In our new site we have access to amenities within the building like a training facility, the Boston Racquet Club, and several boutique hotels right around the corner for visiting employees and customers. Now we can promise our talent a space to work in that’s as outstanding as they are.

VOD: How has the downtown area built up since CloudHealth first began in Boston in 2012?

MM: Boston is an entrepreneurial hub! We’ve seen explosive changes in not only in the cloud market but the tech industry as a whole. At the beginning, we were one of many promising young startups trying to make it big. We’ve seen these companies become well-established and grow into today’s new tech powerhouses. For us, the growing enterprise awareness and a major shift toward cloud adoption has significantly benefited CloudHealth Technologies and its rapid growth.

VOD: What does CloudHealth Technologies do for its customers?

MM: CloudHealth Technologies is focused on a policy-driven approach to cloud governance. Our platform collects, integrates, consolidates and analyzes the massive and complex data sets generated by cloud providers and the cloud management tools used by organizations today. We enable our customers to manage their cloud environments, while scaling to accommodate growth. We have strong relationships with major cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and VMware, and have established new partnerships with our growing service provider community like Logicworks, JetSweep and CLOUDigen.

VOD: What type of work environment will the new office space create?

MM: Our new space takes into consideration our business, our culture and our people. We have focused on Transparency, High Visibility and Collaboration, so in our new space there will be no individual offices. We are all equal. Professional development is another primary area of focus that we will continue to foster in the new space. This ties directly to our culture of mentorship and participation.

VOD: Any future growth plans for CloudHealth coming along with the DTX move?

MM: We plan to continue to grow our customer and employee base, and technology partnerships. We’re also committed to advancing education, entrepreneurship, and improving the Boston community where we work and where the majority of our employees and their families call home.